Guide 8 - Goto Menu

Dave Feb 13, 2012

Hi All;
I have Guide 8 on my desktop with Win XP. I recently got a laptop with Win 7 64bit. I loaded the new setup program and loaded Guide 8 on the laptop. I also loaded both CD's to the hard drive. I unzipped the file for fixes and copied those files to the Guide directory. Everything works OK so far except when I go to the GOTO menu and select one of Messier, Planet, Comet, Star-Common names, Globular Cluster, or Constellation, I get a Guide Help screen with a text list of the information that I can click on instead of the windows type screens with clickable buttons. When I do the same thing on the XP version, I get the windows type screens. Was that a change for the Win 7 version or am I missing some files. I tried doing a search, but didn't find anything useful.