Re: [guide-user] Object ID error NGC 6884

Woodchuk Feb 12, 2012

Hi Ted

Yes I get the same. It may relate to the new way Guide9 accesses and displays
objects that have two entries for one position and only recognising the first one.
Just a guess.

I'm sure Bill will be on it soon.

Larry Wood

On 12/02/2012 8:33 AM, TedF wrote:
> I'm new to the group so forgive me if this has been discussed before. I want to
> report a misidentification, or at least, what is a misidentification from my
> point of view.
> The planetary nebula at R.A. 20 10 23.66 Dec +46 27 39.8 in Cygnus is usually
> identified as NGC 6884. In Guide 9.0 it is identified as NGC 6766. The two are
> identical objects (N6884=N6766). The problem arises in that NGC 6766 was
> recorded in the NGC with an error in position. Selecting a GO TO using NGC 6884
> yields NGC 6766 and produces the following "More Info":