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Owen Brazell Feb 12, 2012

On a related note Steve's observations are somewhat out of date and he put a
new version up on the adventures in deep space site. Is it possible to
replace the older ones with those?

Guide 8 does report 6884 correctly by the way


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Subject: [guide-user] Object ID error NGC 6884

I'm new to the group so forgive me if this has been discussed before. I want
to report a misidentification, or at least, what is a misidentification from
my point of view.

The planetary nebula at R.A. 20 10 23.66 Dec +46 27 39.8 in Cygnus is
usually identified as NGC 6884. In Guide 9.0 it is identified as NGC 6766.
The two are identical objects (N6884=N6766). The problem arises in that NGC
6766 was recorded in the NGC with an error in position. Selecting a GO TO
using NGC 6884 yields NGC 6766 and produces the following "More Info":
Comments from the NGC-IC Project:
Not found
Type: NF
RA: 19 10 00.0 (J2000)
declination: +46 19 00
Constellation: LYR
Right ascension: 20h10m23.7s
Declination: +46 27' 41"

Remarks from the NGC2000 Catalog:
J2000 RA: 19h09.9m
J2000 dec: +46 15'
PN , stellar

NGC 6766: planetary nebula, stellar

Comments from SAC (Saguaro Astronomy Club) 7.2 database:
NGC 6766
Object type: NONEX
Constellation: LYR
RA: 19 09.9 (J2000)
declination: +46 15

SIMBAD lists this object with a primary ID of NGC 6884, with the correct
R.A. of 20hrs (vice 19hrs) placing it in the correct constellation of Cygnus
(vice Lyra) and includes the following note:

"NGC 6884 = NGC 6766: 20 10 23.66 +46 27 39.8 (J2000, 2MASS)NGC 6884 was
discovered by Edward Pickering (1883AN...105...335P), but the published
position was wrong. The error was mentioned by Espin(1911MNRAS..72..150E)
which noticed that NGC 6884 = NGC 6766. Pickering confirmed the error as a
typo in the AN journal. Dave C Riddle (mail forwarded by Brian Skiff)"

Ted Forte

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