Re: [guide-user] Moon Phase Display

Bill J Gray Feb 8, 2012

Hi Thomas,

As Patrick mentioned, you can _right_-click for the Moon. But it does
seem to me as if you're right in thinking that it ought to be the other way
around. In the next update, a right-click will get you the sun, a left-click
the moon. (Dunno what a middle-click will do!)

If you're impatient, you can edit the file 'legend.dat' and look for this:

31 2200 2200 2210 # click on lunar phase = go to sun/moon

...and change it to read...

31 2210 2200 2200 # click on lunar phase = go to sun/moon

The top of that file has a description of what it all means, if you want
to play around with adjusting what actions corresponds to what mouse clicks
in the legend area.

-- Bill