RE: [guide-user] Toolbar PPM Button

Owen Brazell Feb 5, 2012

Ben I found if I toggled it on in the tool bar display (yes it was already
there) and then saved and then went back and toggled it off it went.


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Behalf Of Ben Hudgens
Sent: 05 February 2012 1:52 AM
Subject: [guide-user] Toolbar PPM Button


I thought this one had been fixed but it is still showing up. By default the
PPM button shows up on the toolbar..cant' turn it off. I went into the
toolbar listing to turn it off but cannot find it in the long list of

Opened the toolbar.dat in text editor and found the suspect line. It begins
with capital "N". Looking at other lines, I decided to just remove the "N"
and now all is well. PPM icon no longer shows up as a button on the toolbar.

Doesn't seem to be able to toggle it on/off like other choices.

tks, Ben

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