Re: [guide-user] Selecting .tle file from hard drive

Bill J Gray Feb 4, 2012

Hi Ben,

Ben Hudgens wrote:
> Bill,
> This may be a bug. I'm using Guide 9.0 Jan. 29 current version.
> When using Settings, TLE=... 'select a .tle file from the hard drive'.
> There are no .tle or .txt files displayed in the folder listing.
> I believe the problem is being caused by the 'comma' between *tle,*txt
> rather than having the semicolon as a separator.

Your belief is exactly right. This will be fixed the next time I post
an update.

It really was a one-byte change; some impatient Guide user will probably
edit 'guide9.exe' with a binary editor to change the comma to a semicolon,
rather than waiting for me.

There's a story, possibly apocryphal, about an early probe to Venus that
blew up shortly after launch; it was supposedly traced to a missing hyphen.
I've had various "just one wrong byte" errors in my code over the years;
fortunately, none has ever risen to nearly that level of disaster.

-- Bill