RE: [guide-user] Mosaic tool

Anthony J. Kroes Feb 2, 2012

Hi Leonid,

Is there a need to do mosaics when doing SN or MP surveys? Do you need the
overlapping fields for that, or are you just using the tool to generate a
set of contiguous fields to make sure you have the most sky covered that you
possibly can?

I am not questioning your method or doubting your need, just trying to learn
more. Most of the imaging I have done is for cataclysmic variable stars and
my scope just sits on one FOV for large chunks of time, sometimes the entire
evening. I know for larger deep sky object imaging that a mosaic tool is
very useful, but have never heard it used with regards to scientific
endeavors. Sounds like it has possibilities

Anthony j. Kroes

Cedar Drive Observatory (H54)

Pulaski, WI, USA

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Behalf Of Leonid Elenin
Sent: Thursday, February 02, 2012 12:48 PM
Subject: [guide-user] Mosaic tool

Hello Bill and group!

What do you think about Mosaic tool like in TheSky? I think what this
feature will be useful for all people who planning SN or minor bodies
surveys (like me).

Leonid Elenin,
ISON-NM Observatory (H15)

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