Guide crashes when mpcorb.lim is corrupt

Bernd Brinkmann Jan 31, 2012

Hello Bill,

I wanted to update minor planet elements via internet download and something went
wrong. I can't even say which button I clicked but the result was that the file
"mpcorb.lim" was corrupt ( 0 bytes) and I couldn't start Guide 9 (copied in Guide
8 folder). Only after copying mpcorb.lim from a parallel Guide 9 installation,
Guide could be started again.

Do you have any thoughts what happened?

Clear skies

PS: I know the facts are rather small, but I can't remember more details because
I was in a hurry.

Bernd Brinkmann

Sternwarte Herne, MPC code A18
Herne, Germany

e-mail: info@...