Re: [guide-user] Re: Does not play well with others... (Guide/TheSky/scope xtrol)

Arild Moland Jan 29, 2012


> You're probably right Arild. But I have always assumed that each COM requires a separate connector. Although the Meade has a 2nd RS232 port I'm not at all sure why this is so. And with the
> growth if USB I'm lucky to have the one serial connector on the back of the comuter.

right, I forgot about that. Different COM ports will obviously map to
different physical connections. Hmmm...

As for the lack of serial ports though, there are decent
Serial2USB-adapters available which will let you connect to a computer
with USB only. Astronomizer has got one that works well for telescope
control. Not that it will solve your current problem, but computers
with serial ports are getting fewer and further between, so it may be
needed until the scope manufacturers catch up and offer USB.

Arild :)