Re: [guide-user] Pentangles

Bill J Gray Jan 27, 2012

Hi Lawrence,

Take a look in Display... Data Shown. "Gal Clusters" are probably On or
Auto or Fixed. Turn 'em Off.

Alternatively... a standard method I suggest in these "what the $%&! is
that" cases, or "I just want to change color/mag limit/labelling":
right-click on the offending object, then on Display, then make the
changes you want to make. (In this case, just shutting it off.)

-- Bill

Lawrence wrote:
> I am wanting to create some star charts in a simplified form for use in
> a daily newspaper column but by chance the moon has arrived in front of
> a feature marked by a large pentangle. It might be a Zwicky (?) region,
> judging by the Zw label on identical nearby pentangles. I have not
> found a way to switch these off. Advice most welcome.
> Lawrence Harris
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