Re: [guide-user] Re: Unable to post

Bill J Gray Jan 21, 2012

Hi Wolfgang,

Thanks for the comment on this. I was about to ask if anyone
else had seen this issue and could provide details, since I had
no clue as to why Larry was seeing this bit of strangeness. (Still
seems peculiar to me. But it sounds as if it's at least fixable.)

-- Bill

Wolfgang Renz wrote:
> Hi Larry
>> I can sign in with my user ID and password. The the group home page
>> recognizes me and addresses me as Laren. However, if I try to post
>> I'm told I'm not allowed to post. Also, none the "links" at the left
>> work, files, images, etc. I'm posting this as a Reply to an email
>> post deleting the text and changing the subject line. This is not
>> Yahoo blocking me, it is the group home page blocking me.
>> Can you please fix this for me?
> Its NOT Bill's fault !
> This happened to me too.
> When I went to the group's homepage the last time after I haven't visited
> for some days, I noticed the very same as you (I usually stay logged in
> and then Yahoo always remembers my login name, but the choices in the
> left column were nevertheless grayed out, which usually happens when
> one hasn't entered the pwd for some days). When clicking on one of the
> personal (profile) choices on the left in the title bar, I first had to confirm
> my login by entering my password and then always got just a "switch to
> new profile" msg. So the grayed-out choices is usually due to not having
> entered the pwd for some days (or its the way of Yahoo trying to force
> everybody to switch to the new profile system). Nevertheless one can then
> go back to the homepage and the gayed-out choices are available again
> without having switched to the new profile system.
> Clear skies
> Wolfgang