[guide-user] Re: Unable to post

Wolfgang Renz Jan 21, 2012

Hi Larry

> I can sign in with my user ID and password. The the group home page
> recognizes me and addresses me as Laren. However, if I try to post
> I'm told I'm not allowed to post. Also, none the "links" at the left
> work, files, images, etc. I'm posting this as a Reply to an email
> post deleting the text and changing the subject line. This is not
> Yahoo blocking me, it is the group home page blocking me.
> Can you please fix this for me?

Its NOT Bill's fault !

This happened to me too.

When I went to the group's homepage the last time after I haven't visited
for some days, I noticed the very same as you (I usually stay logged in
and then Yahoo always remembers my login name, but the choices in the
left column were nevertheless grayed out, which usually happens when
one hasn't entered the pwd for some days). When clicking on one of the
personal (profile) choices on the left in the title bar, I first had to confirm
my login by entering my password and then always got just a "switch to
new profile" msg. So the grayed-out choices is usually due to not having
entered the pwd for some days (or its the way of Yahoo trying to force
everybody to switch to the new profile system). Nevertheless one can then
go back to the homepage and the gayed-out choices are available again
without having switched to the new profile system.

Clear skies

Wolfgang Renz, Karlsruhe, Germany