Re: [guide-user] Update to Guide 9.0 (and 8.0) posted

Bill J Gray Jan 20, 2012

Hi Clay, Dave, all,

P. Clay Sherrod wrote:
> If that is so, why do we need to change the "guide8.exe" to guide9.exe"? The upload
> will likely have a "guide9.exe" file in the update, so in essence we should ONLY need
> to eliminate the old "guide8.exe" file.

You could do that, yes: eliminate the 'guide8.exe' file (or even just leave
it in place, unused) and run 'guide9'. If you did this, you'd need to update
any desktop shortcut or Start menu shortcut to refer to 'guide9.exe' instead of
'guide8.exe'. I didn't want to get into explaining _that_ whole process... I
figured it would be easier (for Guide 8 users) to stick to the use of 'guide8.exe'.

One could also delete 'guide8.exe', then rename 'guide9.exe' to 'guide8.exe'.
The real goal here is just to replace the bytes in your (older) 'guide8.exe'
with those coming from the 'guide9.exe' in the ZIP file.

I didn't realize this would be a source of grief. I've therefore come up with
yet another solution. Instead of downloading the '' file given on the
update page, download this:

("Guide 9 update for Guide 8 users"). It contains exactly the same files as the
'' file, except that it spares you the need to do any deleting or
copying or renaming. It contains a 'guide8.exe'; you just unZIP ''
in your Guide folder and run guide8.exe, same as ever, no new 'guide9.exe'
to deal with.

Hope this helps. As always, please let me know of any issues you find.

Arild wrote:

>> The way I read Bill, is that Guide8 users from now on will use the Guide9
>> software. Ie. that the old Guide8.exe shall be deleted, and Guide9.exe used
>> instead. This is probably a break from what was done during the transition
>> from Guide 7 to 8?

True. Back then, though, one could have done the same thing. (And in
fact, some people did just that: used the Guide 8 update with the Guide 7
CD. For a while, I was careful about maintaining that backward compatibility.
I've not knowingly done anything to break it; as far as I know, a Guide 7
user could install the last Guide 7 update, then the last Guide 8 update,
then this recently-posted Guide 9 update, and be running "Guide 9 software"
with a Guide 7 CD. I'd back everything up first, and of course, you'd
have some very elderly datasets!)

>> Perhaps though, Bill should provide a copy of the Guide9.exe, named
>> Guide8.exe, to avoid confusion? (Or better, provide a zip-file identical to
>> the Guide9 update, wherein the Guide9.exe is renamed Guide8.exe.)

Yup. Great minds think alike.

-- Bill