Re: [guide-user] Update to Guide 9.0 (and 8.0) posted

Bill J Gray Jan 19, 2012

Hi Clay,

> Updating this to Guide8 has me and a couple of others confused; you say:
> "Last hurdle: copy guide9.exe to guide8.exe, overwriting the latter. You're now done.
> One oddity is that running guide8.exe will cause Guide to say "Guide 9.0". "
> What do we copy and what do we overwrite? is there a guide9.exe file that is NOT in
> the update files? Do we simply change the NAME from guide8.exe to "guide9.exe"?

There should be a 'guide9.exe' that was unZIPped from the '' file.
It ought to be in your Guide folder.

You're right that there will be no previously-existing 'guide9.exe' in your case
(or for anyone else running Guide 8.) Note that you are copying guide9.exe _to_
guide8.exe, not the other way around.

-- Bill