Re: [guide-user] Time zone TDT

Bill J Gray Jan 16, 2012

Hi Larry,

> Can you fix it so individual dT values found in other programs can be
> entered in Guide 9 for comparison? (This feature may be what Luc
> meant...?)

That oughta work Just Fine... I'll update

to include the following text:

"...You can also specify a particular, fixed Delta-T by setting the
linear and quadratic coefficients to zero. For example, if you wanted
to set Delta-T=87.3 seconds for all times, you'd use

DELTA_T=-100000,100000:87.3,0,0 "

And if you wanted to use Delta-T=31.4 seconds for an eclipse in
1592, but Delta-T=314.1 seconds for an eclipse in 600:


(with Guide's default Delta-T being used for any times outside
the indicated ranges.)

> Don't mean to hi-jack a thread, for some reason I can reply, but not
> post. I think I'm still classified as a New Member.

Hmmm... dunno what's going on there. The only difference is that
"New Members" are moderated (which you are not). Once people have made
a post indicating that they aren't porn/pill/get-rich-quick spammers,
they become un-moderated (you'll notice your posts appear immediately).

-- Bill