Re: [guide-user] Time zone TDT

Laren Dart Jan 16, 2012

Hi Bill,

Can you fix it so individual dT values found in other programs can be
entered in Guide 9 for comparison? (This feature may be what Luc
meant...?) As far as dT equations entered in guide.dat, I have
several prefixed as ZELTA_T=, etc. All I have to do is change the Z
to D for the one I want to use. Works great.

One small program I have lost had a feature where you could input the
info for an eclipse which was close or partial but did _not_ show as
total. Clicking on "What value of dT would be required for this
eclipse to be total?" gave the answer. This is probably not worth the
effort to include it in Guide 9, but it was really neat! As I
recall, it was not an eclipse finder, you had to have the time, date,
and location. If anyone remembers the program, I would sure like to
install it again. I don't remember the name, but it was a small
program, and old I think.

Don't mean to hi-jack a thread, for some reason I can reply, but not
post. I think I'm still classified as a New Member.

-- Larry