Re: Disappearing marks

ldjhandm Jan 16, 2012

Hi Bill

So today all is well! It would not work yesterday. No 'save mark' did the job so I left it active when I closed down (because I don't want to lose the effort!) This morning I load up Guide and it loads the last adjusted version. When I looked in the load marks file, there is 'special'!
Maybe it just required a 'restart'. I did a 'close Guide' yesterday but it still wasn't there. This morning all is sweetness and light.

Thanks for your reply. Hopefully the problem has vanished forever.


--- In, Bill J Gray <pluto@...> wrote:
> Hi Lawrence,
> Hmmm... I've never heard of that problem, but at a guess, it could
> be that Guide's list of marks, 'marks.nam', has gotten clobbered
> somehow. Fortunately, Guide can rebuild it.
> So I'd suggest that you rename 'marks.nam' to, say, 'marks.bak'.
> Then run Guide. If I'm right about this, Guide will find your missing
> mark file when it rebuilds 'marks.nam'.
> I would then ask that you e-mail both 'marks.nam' and 'marks.bak'
> to me. If you can send a directory listing of the Guide folder as well,
> that would be truly wonderful. I could then compare old version to new,
> and would know which files really ought to have been included in the
> first place.
> If rebuilding 'marks.nam' actually fixes the problem, the files would
> let me diagnose _why_ 'marks.nam' got corrupted, and perhaps fix a bug.
> And if it doesn't fix the problem, it'll give me some clues so that I can
> suggest something that does work.
> -- Bill