Re: [guide-user] TLE Files

Bill J Gray Jan 15, 2012

Hi Thomas,

> I am using Guide 9.0 with Windows XP. The TLE File updating function
> works fine. But not with .txt files. I can convert the txt file with
> an editor to .tle and upload it to Guide. Then every thing is OK. But
> is there a way to download and update .txt files with Guide in one step?

As Masaki Kouda suggests... in the Open File dialog, it'll show that
it's selecting files of extension *.tle. You can change the 'le' to 'xt',
and then it'll select files of type *.txt.

Unfortunately, both extensions are relatively common. Ideally,
Guide would show both *.txt and *.tle... I suppose *.t* would come close
to doing things correctly, but it would add in things such as *.tdf and
so forth.

> Another question: How can I deinstall Guide 8.0? Is is not in my system
> control. Do I just have to delete the folder?

Yes. (And this _will_ completely remove Guide. It doesn't leave
stuff in your registry or DLLs all over the place.)

-- Bill