Re: [guide-user] GRS Transit Times

Bill J Gray Jan 15, 2012

Hi Pete,

> 1)I generated a GRS Transit report for 360 days. Every transit time is red.
> I thought red meant is was below the horizon?

Not always, I'm afraid. Thanks for the catch. It'll be fixed in
the next update. (Which, incidentally, will mean fixes for both Guides
8 and 9.)

> 2) I right clicked on Jupiter and selected more info. GRS transit time is
> red and is below the horizon. However, according to help - "that is, the
> time at which it will next be well placed for observing". I'm confused.

True; that 'more info' gives you the next time the GRS transits,
but doesn't take into account when Jupiter will be above the horizon.
It's just the next time it'll transit, as seen from somewhere. With
the update, though, you'll be able to make a list of transits for
X days, then pick out the green ones. (Though some of those will
occur during daylight... the red/green/yellow corresponds only to the
altitude of the target object; I don't have a similar, at-a-glance
way of distinguishing daylight vs. twilight vs. nighttime events.)

-- Bill