Re: [guide-user] Disappearing marks

Bill J Gray Jan 15, 2012

Hi Lawrence,

Hmmm... I've never heard of that problem, but at a guess, it could
be that Guide's list of marks, 'marks.nam', has gotten clobbered
somehow. Fortunately, Guide can rebuild it.

So I'd suggest that you rename 'marks.nam' to, say, 'marks.bak'.
Then run Guide. If I'm right about this, Guide will find your missing
mark file when it rebuilds 'marks.nam'.

I would then ask that you e-mail both 'marks.nam' and 'marks.bak'
to me. If you can send a directory listing of the Guide folder as well,
that would be truly wonderful. I could then compare old version to new,
and would know which files really ought to have been included in the
first place.

If rebuilding 'marks.nam' actually fixes the problem, the files would
let me diagnose _why_ 'marks.nam' got corrupted, and perhaps fix a bug.
And if it doesn't fix the problem, it'll give me some clues so that I can
suggest something that does work.

-- Bill