Re: TLE Files Jan 14, 2012


To read ".txt" satellite elements file,
[Click here to select a TLE file from your hard drive]
-> Dialog box show "*.tle" for selection.
Rename it as "*.txt" and then push OPEN button,
you can show "*.txt" file to select for elements file.

FYI, if you rename as "v*.txt", you can show "visual.txt" elements file easily.

Masaki Kouda, Japan

>On 14/01/2012 12:59 PM, alensondivo wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am using Guide 9.0 with Windows XP. The TLE File updating function works fine.
>> But not with .txt files. I can convert the txt file with an editor to .tle and
>> upload it to Guide. Then every thing is OK. But is there a way to download and
>> update .txt files with Guide in one step?
>For satellite two line elements Guide needs to see the extension as .tle.
>Download the file, right click the file name in question and rename by changing
>the extension .txt to .tle and Guide will read it.
>> Another question: How can I deinstall Guide 8.0? Is is not in my system control.
>> Do I just have to delete the folder?
>You just delete the Guide folder.
>Larry Wood