Re: [guide-user] Time zone TDT

Luc Desamore Jan 12, 2012

Hi Bill,

Thank you for looking at this.
Yes it should be nice but I can imagine that it is not easy do deal with all
the time zones listed. I was also wondering if there is a possibility to
enter his own value for the Delta_T. When studying old eclipses, it is very
usefull to try several value of delta T and see what happens.
Perhaps should it be easier not to consider TD as a time zone.
Guide could suggest in the Time Box a value of the Delta T modifiable if
needed and if the user needs to specify a TD time he mays adjust delta T or
even set Delta T to zero. The entry for julian day UT or TD are perhaps less
usefull and could be left.
These are just some thoughts, I don't know what is feasible without to much
trouble and also if this is suitable for other people.


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> My current thought is: if the current "time zone" is Dynamical Time,
> Guide should show JDT and assume any Julian or Modified Julian entries
> are on Dynamical Time (and Guide should show the abbreviation "JDT" rather
> than "JD"). For all other "zones", Guide should show a JD based on
> Universal Time. Probably a UTC one.