Migration from Yahoo! Groups

Bill Gray Oct 16 5:03 PM

Hello all,

(Apologies to those of you getting multiple copies!)

I am owner/moderator of these four groups, and of
course, have been following the issue of the impending
demise of Yahoo! Groups.

I can guarantee I'll move all four lists. I am still
trying to figure out where they'll go.

As best I can tell, there are two likely options. First
would be migration to GNU Mailman, which (as it happens) is
already installed on the projectpluto.com server. If
possible, that will be my first choice. I've not found
anything that explicitly says it's doable, but quite a bit
that suggests it may be possible. There is (for me, at
least) a learning curve here... I wish Yahoo! had chosen to
"serve us better" by giving us more than six days to figure
this all out.

If that's not possible, I'd probably go with option 2:
migration to groups.io. I think for the things done on
all three groups (posting plain-text messages with archiving
and searching capability), this would work Just Fine. It's
"free", aside from an initial $110 per group if you transfer
existing messages.

However, all data would still be at the nonexistent mercy
of an unreliable corporation which (like Yahoo!) might abandon
us at any time, be totally careless with private information
such as passwords and e-mail addresses, or change terms and
conditions "to serve you better". Mailman would avoid that.

F__ebook and other so-called "social" media are categorically
not an option. That would have all the disadvantages of
groups.io and none of the benefits.

-- Bill