Re: [guide-user] Download efemerides for guide9.1 from the newly discovered interstellar comet C / 2019 Q4 (Borisov)

tmjoaquin Sep 18

I already have it that way and it still doesn't work;
Could you send me the file to my personal email;

The ^Minor Planet Center
(MPC)//x^ and the
provide orbital elements for comets. Guide updates its list of comets
using both sources; MPC gives currently-observable comets, IMCCE all
comets since about 1995. (Data for historical comets is already built
into the Guide DVD.) You can click on the following to download
some of these files, getting orbital data for newly-found objects and
improving orbits for already known objects. About 600 KBytes will be

^Click to download updated comet data and add it to Guide//d soft02cm.txt;d;a2789^  

Guide can also import other orbital elements if they're provided in
the "eight-line format", or the "one-line format" used for Daily Orbit
Updates. You wouldn't normally do this, but if you have generated an
orbit using Find_Orb, for example, you could import the resulting file
of orbital elements using the following command.
d soft02cm.txt

^Add MPC asteroids/comets//!2052^