Re: [guide-user] Download efemerides for guide9.1 from the newly discovered interstellar comet C / 2019 Q4 (Borisov)

Michael Koch Sep 18

> A friend has created a new "add_mpc.hee" that points to the alternate
> website of
> gideon vanbuitenen to download the "Soft02cm.txt" file for guide9. I
> have copied it
> directly into this e-mail. So just copy everything between the pair of
> double lines
> below and replace the "add_mpc.hee" file in your guide folder. I
> checked it and it
> works fine.

It worked after I wrote this segment all in one line, without line
feeds, and there are space characters between "to" and "Guide" and
between "guide" and "soft02cm"

^Click to download updated comet data and add it to
soft02cm.txt;d eltdat.txt;a2789^