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Roland Boninsegna Sep 8

Hello Patrice,

I have tried with comet 29P and during the dates you mentionned: no problem for me, the comet is always there.
Just verify that in your "Display Menu" ("Affichage" in French), clicking on "Data Shown" ("Données montrées" in French),
on the line devoted to "Comets" the option "On" is choosen and not "Fixe" ou "Auto".


Roland Boninsegna

At 23:12 07-09-19, you wrote:

On GUIDE9.1 I wanted to know where comet 29P was in the sky in 2009, but the "Goto / Object Name" function did not find it. So I set the date to today and I searched for 29P using the "Goto / Object Name" function. I managed to find it. I went back in time with the function "Animation dialog" and I discovered that 29P disappeared on October 13, 2011 at 16:02 UTC (see screenshots). How do you explain this phenomenon? Is it necessary to set GUIDE to visualize a comet whatever the time?

Patrice, France

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