Guide use with 2 monitors

Bernd Klemt Jul 25

Hello all,

a long time ago I had problems with Guide apparently hanging when the secondary
monitor wasn't available. The reason was that a popup window appeared in the area
of the now non existing second monitor. Only <ESC> brought back Guide into
running normal, with the disadvantage that I could not use this function. This
was in the time of WIN XP.

But now I encountered the same problem again with my WIN10 notebook and with
functions I need very often (goto Messier object, goto comet). After trying a bit
I could solve this problem (or better found a workaround):
On my desktop computer I use 2 monitors side by side. From this computer I copied
the Guide installation to my notebook. But here the position of the second
monitor is above the primary monitor. Only after changing the position of the
second monitor in the display settings of wndows to the right brought me back the

Now my question: does anybody know where the positions of the popup windows are
stored? As Guide has no windows installation routine I think it's not somewhere
in the registry. But perhaps somewhere in an ASCII file of Guide where I could
change a value to bring back popup menues for example to the center of the first

Clear skies

Bernd Klemt
Sternwarte Herne

MPC (A18)