Re: [guide-user] Animatio dialog

Luc Desamore Jul 20

Hello Rolf,

I also made de 2nd january upgrade and my version says?? also 10 jul 2017.
Nevertheless I alway see Mercure in front of the Sun while transiting.

Could it be something with constrast or color of the "+Mercury" text vs the color of the Sun ?

Best regards,


On 2019-07-20 10:59, 'Rolf Stadelmaier' rostm@... [guide-user] wrote:
Hello all,
many thanks to all who replied to my post.
Yes, I???m aware of the version released by Bill in January this year which I have installed. And there is another odd thing:
Although I???m on the latest version introduced by Bill with mail from 2 Jan 2019 Guide9/Help/About Guide... claims ???You are currently running the 10 Jul 2017 version???. I don???t know if this is correct or faulty.
As it turns out I???m the only one who experiences the discribed behavior, so it must be a problem in my system and I have to investigate furthermore.
BTW the same transit course (cross behind sun / planet in front of sun) I see when looking at Venustransits.
Thanks and best Regards,
Rolf Stadelmaier