Re: [guide-user] Animatio dialog

Rolf Stadelmaier Jul 20

Hello all,
many thanks to all who replied to my post.
Yes, I’m aware of the version released by Bill in January this year which I have installed. And there is another odd thing:
Although I’m on the latest version introduced by Bill with mail from 2 Jan 2019 Guide9/Help/About Guide... claims “You are currently running the 10 Jul 2017 version”. I don’t know if this is correct or faulty.
As it turns out I’m the only one who experiences the discribed behavior, so it must be a problem in my system and I have to investigate furthermore.
BTW the same transit course (cross behind sun / planet in front of sun) I see when looking at Venustransits.
Thanks and best Regards,
Rolf Stadelmaier