Re: [guide-user] Animatio dialog

Gerhard Dangl Jul 19

Hello Rolf,

in my Guide9 (the last version) in every level <10 the planet is shown
as a cross. But still in front of the sun I think. With level 10 or
higher Mercury is shown as a disk.

If you take a look on Mars at the same date (2019/11/11), the planet is
shown as a cross until level 10.

Gerhard Dangl

Am 19.07.2019 um 11:47 schrieb 'Rolf Stadelmaier' rostm@...
> Hello all,
> in November this year there will happen a mercury transit.
> When I was going to test via Guide9/Animation dialog if I would have a
> chance to visit this celestial event then I experienced an unexpected
> behavior of Guide9:
> In a lower display level than 10 mercury (displayed as +Mercury)
> proceeds behind the sun instead of traveling in front of it. After
> choosing level 10 or higher mercury is displayed as a planet and now is
> traveling in the right manner in front of the sun.
> This is no great affair albeit somewhat confusing. Do others see this
> behavior too?
> Regards,
> Rolf Stadelmaier