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P. Clay Sherrod Jan 28

Windows 10 is the worst platform for real "computing" that has ever been introduced.  It is for gaming and social twits.
I highly recommend that you keep a W-7 Pro machine in your observatory simply to do astro programs, conversions, and the MPECsort program from ASO.  I use a W-7 computer for all Guide applications to drive the domes and the telescopes, but for astrometric reductions via Bill's Charon, I still must use Windows XP - yep, XP - for reductions since anything since XP does not have nor support DOS applications.  You can do DOS emulation via Windows 7 Pro and you can also do a "Virtual XP" on the same platform, but Charon will hang up the machine after each measurement.
So my observatories are full of backup refurbished Windows XP machines and several Windows 7 for these reasons.
At some point, I will give up entirely on Microsoft and get a "real" computer and let the gamers have these toys.
I absolutely love Windows XP and so long as I can use them internally (not for net connections) I will.
Dr. Clay
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Subject: [guide-user] Download "Critical List" asteroids/comets to Guide 9

I love Doc Clay's MPEC Sort routine for the download of critical list objects.  But after upgrading from a Win 7Pro PC to a new Win 10Pro machine I just can't get it running.  How does one download critical list stuff to Guide 9.1 ver. 10 July 2017?

Current comets download using Guide's |Extras | Add Asteroid/Comets | click to download updated comet data and add it to Guide |   And this is the only link in the Asteroid/Comets menu that does work.  

By going to I'm able to download the full asteroid listing into Guide 9.1 on the observatory computer.  But for planning an observing session some way is needed to load the critical list onto the new Win 10 Pro machine in the house.

Any suggestions? & nbsp;

Pete Peterson