Download "Critical List" asteroids/comets to Guide 9

barringtonri Jan 28

I love Doc Clay's MPEC Sort routine for the download of critical list objects.  But after upgrading from a Win 7Pro PC to a new Win 10Pro machine I just can't get it running.  How does one download critical list stuff to Guide 9.1 ver. 10 July 2017?

Current comets download using Guide's |Extras | Add Asteroid/Comets | click to download updated comet data and add it to Guide |   And this is the only link in the Asteroid/Comets menu that does work.  

By going to I'm able to download the full asteroid listing into Guide 9.1 on the observatory computer.  But for planning an observing session some way is needed to load the critical list onto the new Win 10 Pro machine in the house.

Any suggestions?  

Pete Peterson