Re: [guide-user] Could the Herschel 400 II and III catalog be installed in guide 9.1?

Joaquin Tapioles Jan 6

Sorry but I do not know English and I translate with google forgiveness.
If so, I handle the 16 "with the guide9.1 from the pc.
Have if someone tells me how to create that TDF file to put them in guide 9.1.
Greetings and thanks.

Perdona pero no domino el ingles y traducco con google perdon.
Si es asin, manejo el 16" con el guide9.1 desde el pc.
Haber si alguien me indica como crear ese archivo TDF para poder meterlos en guide 9.1.
Saludos y gracias.

El 06/01/2019 a las 12:59, 'Owen Brazell' owen@... [guide-user] escribió:

I guess this is just through the toggle user datasets? I guess you would have to make a user data set/TDF for them if you wanted it. I assume you are driving your 16 via Guide?  Unfortunately I am slightly confused by your English.




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Because I am currently watching the Herchel 400 II and if they were in the guide 9.1 as are the herchel 400 I would be easier because I handle the 16 "with guide 9.1.
As I am observing, I have to enter the corresponding NGC number as you say and in the other way they would already be marked as hechel 400 II and III in the letter that I was using in the appropriate constellation ok.
I hope to have explained.

El 06/01/2019 a las 12:44, 'Owen Brazell' owen@... [guide-user] escribió:

Why would you want them? They are just part of the NGC catalogue so they will already be in Guide. They are just a selection of objects in various lists.