Re: [guide-user] Could the Herschel 400 II and III catalog be installed in guide 9.1?

Joaquin Tapioles Jan 6

Because I am currently watching the Herchel 400 II and if they were in the guide 9.1 as are the herchel 400 I would be easier because I handle the 16 "with guide 9.1.
As I am observing, I have to enter the corresponding NGC number as you say and in the other way they would already be marked as hechel 400 II and III in the letter that I was using in the appropriate constellation ok.
I hope to have explained.

El 06/01/2019 a las 12:44, 'Owen Brazell' owen@... [guide-user] escribió:

Why would you want them? They are just part of the NGC catalogue so they will already be in Guide. They are just a selection of objects in various lists.