Re: [guide-user] Brian Skiff data

Mati Jan 4

It looks much like a problem I had back in Nov. 2015. The problem turned
out to be an incorrect byte-count in the TDF which reads the loneos data
file. I wrote a corrected TDF ( which I gave the temporary name
loneos_new.TDF) and uploaded it to the FILES section.  Is it still
there?  The old TDF is in cd_data3.tdf, scroll down towards the bottom.
You should then replace the *contents* of the loneos.tdf with the NEW TDF.
It worked for me a few years ago.  However these days i rely on APASS
for most general photometry.  I still have my updated loneos_new.tdf
stashed away if you can't find it in the FILES section.
On 5/01/2019 6:45 AM, joeblow0@... [guide-user] wrote:
> When I turn on the Brian Skiff photometry data in "Toggle user datasets" the stars in the Skiff data set are enormous. They appear much larger than the UCAC or GSC stars of the same magnitude in the normal chart display.
> How can I adjust the display of the Skiff stars to match the display of all the rest of the stars?
> Phil