Re: My Copy of Guide 9

stonedoffmyass Jan 2

I will start over 

I deleted everything on my HD named guide , did full installl to HD took up 3.24 G 

 Then added the elt.dat and got lots more comets under “tables” - "current comets" where as I had none after the install.   I have also updated from MPC.

Guide does not display C/2018 L2 ATLAS 

  .Macholtz V1 was also not displayed. 

When I went to do it the add comets manually ,   I get pop up - “text\usrcomet.txt not opened 

No such file or directory” 

As of tonight 46/P is displayed in GUIDE roughly 14 degrees west of where it really is in the sky.

A degree of Dec and over two hours of RA off .

Any idea of what is being done wrong here?