Re: [guide-user] 46P displays in two different places

Larry Jan 1

If you look in the File <cometg.dat> you will see the line for Wirtanen on Dec 12
2018 you will see that the Orbital data from the extra comet is the same. So I
deleted that line and subtracted 1 from the number at line 1.
Only one comet lost from that file.

Larry Wood

On 2018-12-25 1:56 PM, BHudgens spacerockguy@... [guide-user] wrote:
> Recently came across this strange event.   Have been a Guide user since
> Ver 2.
> Am using the current comet.dat file updated from within Guide 9.
> 46P Wirtanen displays in proper position. However a second position also
> displays some 20+ degrees to the SW  ... If the original position is
> moved out of the field of view.
> Example. Today date/time   20181225  20:25 CST.
>  Set display view to 20 deg field and center on nu PER.  The 46P
> position will display about two deg east of that position.  Zoom out to
> a larger field, say 45 deg , where the correct position of 46P will be
> shown.  If the file of view is large enough to display both positions at
> the same time, the comet position just east of nu Per is no longer
> displayed.
> If the field of view is smaller as to only display one of these
> positions at a time, going to either position will show the comet
> plotted in two different places.
> There is only one orbit data set listed in the comet file. However, if
> you click on 'More Info' on each of the comet positions displayed, the
> elements set displays different parameters.   I've not been able to see
> this with any other comet except 46P.
> Anyone else able to verifiy this second position being displayed or
> explain why this is happening?
> Thanks,
> Ben Hudgens