Re: [guide-user] 46P displays in two different places

Rolf Stadelmaier Dec 26, 2018

Hi Ben,
I have experienced this problem too and found this solution for me:
There is a file _cometg.dat_ in the guide folder which contains comet data of older dates. I don’t know the exact meaning of this file but it seems to be the culprit for the mentioned behavior. You dont’t need the contents of this file but if it is not present in the guide folde then guide can not be startet. I did not want to empty the file so I set the first line in this file which represents the number of data lines to zero, and voila the confusing display of a comet in a different place was gone.
Hope this helps,
Rolf Stadelmaier
Sent: Tuesday, December 25, 2018 9:56 PM
Subject: [guide-user] 46P displays in two different places

Recently came across this strange event.   Have been a Guide user since
Ver 2.
Am using the current comet.dat file updated from within Guide 9.

46P Wirtanen displays in proper position. However a second position also
displays some 20+ degrees to the SW  ... If the original position is
moved out of the field of view.

Example. Today date/time   20181225  20:25 CST.
Set display view to 20 deg field and center on nu PER.  The 46P
position will display about two deg east of that position.  Zoom out to
a larger field, say 45 deg , where the correct position of 46P will be
shown.  If the file of view is large enough to display both positions at
the same time, the comet position just east of nu Per is no longer

If the field of view is smaller as to only display one of these
positions at a time, going to either position will show the comet
plotted in two different places.

There is only one orbit data set listed in the comet file. However, if
you click on 'More Info' on each of the comet positions displayed, the
elements set displays different parameters.   I've not been able to see
this with any other comet except 46P.

Anyone else able to verifiy this second position being displayed or
explain why this is happening?

Ben Hudgens