Re: My Copy of Guide 9

stonedoffmyass Dec 21, 2018

I was also wondering where does the Clementine data hide in the guide directory?
Having no CD , Id like to copy and view images in another utility . Or at least copy the data.

 The imagery which appears to have successfully copied to an external hard drive and two laptops. They all display the clementine option on Lunar -display-options 
Appears only 2.2 G on my main laptop and second laptop but it copied 7.3 G to my external HD

The main computer didnt seem to like having more things added from " install to HD while running  . Looks like the full install has to be dont from the start ?   Adding anything after the install on the devices with just the 2.2 G , GUIDE seems to crash. Is the install to HD meant to be done all at once.  

On the laptops that only copied the 2.2 G I cant see operation-wise what is missing. 
The windows 10, GUIDE  toolbar has a gap between buttons . Is there a fix for that?

Also not able to display the Compass points on horizon after the download of the zip file.
The horizon objects remain.  I've gave it several attempts.  No luck getting the compass points to display and houses & trees disappear. 

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I spent some time figuring it out.   We have a second laptop running 10 , so I practiced on that. 
Was able to run the full install on that machine , and clicked  * about everything. 

Somehow the update, Clementine imagery -Guide update , everything transferred over to the other laptop (WIN 10)
 Looks a little different as far a s the toolbar and font. ill have to play with it.

I took out the DVD and i was able to pretty much operate GUIDE as if it was in DVD spinner ( I have external )
-even my MPC updates from Dec 5 swapped over and appear correct.

I used the f:\hitiachi in the MS DOS interface ? (black window)  and made another copy to that external harddrive.
Will test out that one also.

Looks like there is a few different ways to copy to another device. 
Guide users very helpful.  No data lost.    Much thanks.