Re: [guide-user] My Copy of Guide 9

stonedoffmyass Dec 18, 2018

I spent some time figuring it out.   We have a second laptop running 10 , so I practiced on that. 
Was able to run the full install on that machine , and clicked  * about everything. 

Somehow the update, Clementine imagery -Guide update , everything transferred over to the other laptop (WIN 10)
 Looks a little different as far a s the toolbar and font. ill have to play with it.

I took out the DVD and i was able to pretty much operate GUIDE as if it was in DVD spinner ( I have external )
-even my MPC updates from Dec 5 swapped over and appear correct.

I used the f:\hitiachi in the MS DOS interface ? (black window)  and made another copy to that external harddrive.
Will test out that one also.

Looks like there is a few different ways to copy to another device. 
Guide users very helpful.  No data lost.    Much thanks.