Re: Fwd: Re: [guide-user] Re: confusing actual comet data of 21P

olikloes Sep 15, 2018

An important notice for guide-user, which use GUIDE in the German version:

Even if you have replaced add_mpc.hee with the latest version Bill provided some days ago, it will not work.


Because the German version has its own file: add_mpc.hed  (Notice the different three letter file extention!)

So you have to rename Bill's new file from add_mpc.hee to add_mpc.hed and replace the old German file.
After the renaming, the window opens in GUIDE with the English text version and works as it should. Of course you can edit the file with a text editor and translate the text to German. But be sure you don't make any changes to links provided in the file.

Clear skies,