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Larry Sep 14, 2018

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Subject: Re: [guide-user] Re: confusing actual comet data of 21P
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2018 02:44:04 -0600
From: Larry <woodl@...>
To: guide-user@yahoogroups.com

Bill Gray is the creator of Guide9. The file I am talking about *add_mpc.hee* in
the paragraph below the dotted line was put together by Bill Gray to repair the
file in Guide9 that points to the site where the correct *soft02cm.txt* file
resides. The link to Bill's site is as follows:


When your browser opens the page, go to the FILE menu for your browser and click on
*save page as* and Windows will download the file to your computer. It can be
directly copied into the Guide directory. Override any similar named files.

This will only repair Guide9.

You still have to download the correct soft02cm.txt file. Do this by opening Guide
and look in the *Extras* menu (top of Guide page) click on *Asteroids/Comets
option* when the box opens click on *Add MPC comets/asteroids* this will open the
new file that you have installed in Guide. Click on the line

*click to download updated comet data and add it to Guide*

And should have the correct comet data.

I must apologize as I didn't realizeĀ  mylinks were not working on Bill's site. Hope
this works

Larry W

On 2018-09-12 11:24 AM, Larry woodl@... [guide-user] wrote:
> Pete
> You have missed the first step. You have to download the new file named
> *add_mpc.hee* that Bill posted the link to in the e-mail on about Sept 8.
> In case you deleted that message here is the link.
> https://www.projectpluto.com/add_mpc.hee
> Right click on the page and click on < save as > and allow it to download to your
> computer.
> This new * add_mpc.hee* replaces the old file of the same name that exists in your
> Guide directory. It will ask if you want to replace the old file --you click ok.
> In your Guide directory
> The 16 KB file soft02cm.txt is the wrong one. Open it and you will see it is in
> HTLM. The right one is ~ 159 KB, but the one you have of a simila size is too old
> so delete both of them and download the new correct soft02cm.txt file the get when
> using the corrected *add_mpc.hee* file.
> Larry
> On 2018-09-11 9:33 AM, pecorp@... [guide-user] wrote:
>> Thanks for attempting to help me with this Larry. I'm still confused but looking into my files I show both a 16 KB Soft02Cm.txt dated today as well as a 147 KB Soft02Cmx file dated 3/7/2017.
>> Refreshing the Add MPC Comets/Asteroids and viewing to 22 magnitude there are no recently discovered comets, leading me to question which file Guide 9 is actually working with.
>> Pete