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Jerry Bardecker Sep 13, 2018

Larry  / All,
What I think is going on here is that for me, and probably others, there is
NO link on the referenced page to download the mpc.hee file.
Nowhere on the page can I get a right click to give a "save as" option!

There is :
"^Click to download updated comet data and add it to Guide//"
but it is not hot or clickable as a link, at least with the two browser
options that I have tried.  The page comes up as all plane text.

I am very familiar with the "save as" option as that is what I use on the
MPC page to download "MPCORB.DAT".  So I know what should be happening.

The page has a number of  'HTTPs://MinorPlanetCenter.net' links and one for
IMCCE but none of them show as hot or linkable.


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1a. Re: confusing actual comet data of 21P
    From: Larry

1a. Re: confusing actual comet data of 21P
    Posted by: "Larry"
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You have missed the first step. You have to download the new file named
*add_mpc.hee* that Bill posted the link to in the e-mail on about Sept 8.
In case you deleted that message here is the link.

Right click on the page and  click on < save as
> and allow it to download
to your
This new * add_mpc.hee* replaces the old file of the same name that exists
in your
Guide directory. It will ask if you want to replace the old file  --you
click ok.

In your Guide directory
The 16 KB file soft02cm.txt is the wrong one.. Open it and you will see it is
HTLM. The right one is ~ 159 KB, but the one you have of a simila size is
too old
so delete both of them and download the new correct soft02cm.txt file the
get when
using the corrected  *add_mpc.hee* file.


On 2018-09-11 9:33 AM,
pecorp@... [guide-user] wrote:
> Thanks for attempting to
help me with this Larry.  I'm still confused but
> looking into my
files I show both a 16 KB Soft02Cm.txt dated today as well
> as a 147 KB
Soft02Cmx file dated 3/7/2017.
>   Refreshing
the Add MPC Comets/Asteroids and viewing to 22 magnitude
> there are no
recently discovered comets, leading me to question which file
> Guide 9
is actually working with.