Re: [guide-user] Re: confusing actual comet data of 21P

Larry Sep 10, 2018

I did not make it clear in the note below that Bill Gray's e-mail with the URL
only points guide to access the proper soft02cm.txt file that guide can read.

You still have to download the correct soft02cm.txt to replace the one that is faulty.
To do so start up Guide > look in the *Extras* menu > click on *Asteroid/comet
options* > click on *Add MPCcomets/asteroids* > click on *click to download updated
comet data and add it to Guide*
Close and reopen Guide and the old comets should disappear.

Larry Wood

On 2018-09-10 2:28 AM, Larry wrote:
> Just right click on the page and download to your Guide9 directory. It will ask to
> replace the file that is pointing to the wrong information.
> Larry
> On 2018-09-09 8:50 AM, pecorp@... [guide-user] wrote:
>> There's no active link there Bill, just some descriptive text.  ?
>>   Pete Peterson