Re: [guide-user] Transfer preferences and settings

Arild Moland Aug 23, 2018

Tom, I wasn't aware of this. Wonder how the setting get into the registry, as I haven't got it. And as you say, the toolbar works, so I haven't given it any thought.


On Thu, Aug 23, 2018 at 3:04 PM, 'Tom Kunsitis' kunsitis@... [guide-user] <> wrote:

Guide does use one registry value for Windows 10 users. It is used to disable themes. The toolbar in Guide will not display properly without themes disabled although it will work. The entry is under

\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ AppCompatFlags\Layers

There should be a registry string (REG_SZ) named C:\guide9\guide9.exe set to DISABLETHEMES. The name of the key will depend on where you have Guide loaded. The registry string can be modified or added using REGEDIT.
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Tom Kunsitis - Richmond, Virginia USA

> The beauty of Guide really always was that it is self-contained in the
> folder it is "installed" to. No registry entries, noe application data
> elsewhere, no strings attached to the current user. Just the Guide9
> folder.
> You can copy this to any computer, put it on a memory stick and run it
> from
> there, etc. (although changing the drive letter it runs from, may
> require
> edits of startup.mar).
> Copying the .mar file will transfer most settings, but any data
> downloaded
> after install will be missing, so a folder copy really is the easiest
> way
> to get it all.