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Arild Moland Aug 21, 2018

The beauty of Guide really always was that it is self-contained in the folder it is "installed" to. No registry entries, noe application data elsewhere, no strings attached to the current user. Just the Guide9 folder. You can copy this to any computer, put it on a memory stick and run it from there, etc. (although changing the drive letter it runs from, may require edits of startup.mar).

Copying the .mar file will transfer most settings, but any data downloaded after install will be missing, so a folder copy really is the easiest way to get it all.

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Phil, what I do is to create a Mark, Guide 9.1 > File > Save Mark.  A Mark will be created in Guide 9.1’s Root, “Guide 9.1/my_mark.mar”, containing all the settings in play when the Mark was created.  You can see what’s in a Mark using Note Pad.
Install Guide 9.1 to your “C:/” on the new computer.  Copy the Mark from the first computer into C:/Guide 9.1’s Root where it was initially created on the first computer.  Start Guide 9.1 on the new computer, go to Guide9.1 > File > Load Mark and open your Mark.
The settings in the Mark you created will be read and stay in play for other objects unless you change some configuration.  To return to your Mark you created from the first computer simply open that Mark again.  It’s good to have a backup like this.  HTH...joe  :)

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Subject: [guide-user] Transfer preferences and settings

I've got my Guide9 all set up just the way I want it.  Is there a way I can transfer all the settings and preferences to a new installation of Guide on a different computer?