Re: [guide-user] Guide8

Mati Jun 8, 2018

I had GUIDE8 installed on a older PC, Win8, I think. Recently the old PC
broke down and was not repairable, however the contents of the hard
drive COULD be recovered, so I arranged for the files, including those
for GUIDE8, to be transferred to a brand-new external hard drive, drive
"L".  My current PC runs Win10, and I have no difficulty in accessing
GUIDE8 from drive "L", as required, with no problems.

On 9/06/2018 6:59 AM, 'Roger Pickard' roger.pickard@... [guide-user]
> I have a friend who has been running Guide8 OK, but is PC died recently and
> so he bought a new one with Win10 but when he tries to install Guide it just
> comes up with 'This app can't run on your PC', followed by 'to find a
> version for your PC, check with the software supplier'.
> Anyone any thoughts, please?
> Cheers,
> Roger
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