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Claudio Costa May 12, 2018

Please, can you please explain to mehow to access Gaia dr2 from Guide 9? 
Claudio Costa

Il dom 13 mag 2018, 03:31 chasseurdesgalaxies@... [guide-user] <> ha scritto:

Very interesting discussion. The most interesting since longtime.

A very important point concerning .tdfs. (Tdfs ALWAYS consist of two files: The catalogue (best without filename / ending and the tdf file (which is the "program"ending with dot.tdf):

You need to begin by setting two free lines above the catalogue file. Open it with "Notepad" or (better) Notepad ++ (but don't forget that Notepad++ always puts a ".txt" filename / ending to the saved file; ... remove it !!!) AND PUT THE CURSOR BEFORE THE FIRST LETTER OF THE FIRST LINE OF THE CATALOGUE FILE. THEN HIT ENTER TWICE. FILL THE FIRST LINE WITH THE FOLLOWING NUMBERS: 123456789012345678901234567890, and so on until you have reached the last column (vertically) of the text of the catalogue. THEN put "1" below the first "0", "2" below the second "0", and so in in the second line. Save (without file name / ending).
THEN create your .tdf file by looking into one of the .tdf files in the Guide folder AND COMPARING.

You WILL immediately understand the logic. The numbers in the tdf file should correspond to the numbers of the catalogue drawn vertically from the catalogue file. That's why I asked you to put the two first lines in the catalogue file. (Attention: The second number in the .tdf file is the first number of the column plus "x"; so 21 to 26 in a column of the catalogue is "21 6", not 21 26 in the .tdf file.

That's it !

Before testing your two files, save a copy of the catalogue file. Then remove the two newly created lines of your original catalogue file. ... And don't forget to verify that the file name in the first line of your .tdf file EXACTLY matches the name of your catalogue file.

If it does not work, the most likely reason is that the numbers in the .tdf file do not match the numbers (beginning "plus x" of the column to the end of the column) of the catalogue file.
Good luck !