Toolbar Buttons for GAIA DR2

ross_shuart May 10, 2018

I changed the topic rather than continue the GAIA Catalogue in Guide 9.1 thread.

Apparently, toolbar button icons can live in two places in Guide: packed (in some manner) together in the file bitmaps.lmp in the top level Guide directory or as individual BMP files in the top level directory. Opening the bitmaps.lmp file in a text editor shows the names of the files packed inside. I do not know what the format is. If there are both a packed version and a freestanding version of a file, the freestanding version is the one that is used, so unpacking/repacking the LMP file isn't needed.

I found some old buttons in my Guide 8 directory, copied one over to Guide 9 and edited it with KolourPaint, which was adequate for the task. I produced two files g2a.bmp and g2b.bmp which work well enough. They are both in the top level directory. One says GAIA DR2 on two lines, the other just G2 in larger letters on one line. I edited toolbar.dat to use each in turn to compare their visibility, etc. Personally, I went with the larger letters.

I would like to share these with the group, but this group does not allow attachments. There is a Files area that contains some files, but I don't seem to have privileges to upload files or even view the file names. I was able to upload the buttons as photos, but they were converted to JPG images as part of that process, making them fairly useless (and blurred). They are in the Photos area in a new album: Toolbar Buttons.

Suggestions on how to make these available are welcome. They are small (1438 bytes each).