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Roger Neumair May 10, 2018

Hi Roger,

I followed the steps but I am not finding a single BMP file in the Guide9 directories.

Best regards,

Am 10.05.2018 um 13:29 schrieb 'Roger Pickard' roger.pickard@... [guide-user]:

Hi Christoph,


A friend of mine who wishes to remain anonymous sent me the following.  I’ve not yet checked it out but I think it should work OK.


Best of luck,




Below is unsupported, I can't be doing with people who fail getting guide to do stuff coz they don't understand about filenames, directories and extensions.  eg that they've not only save a file in the wrong place, they've called it file.tdf.txt coz they don't know what they're doing, or even called it file.tdf.doc, etc.


In the guide directory find download.txt


Insert this line :-


2799   -cI/345/gaia2&-out=RA_ICRS,DE_ICRS,Plx,pmRA,pmDE,Gmag,BPmag,RPmag,RV g2.dat


that's all one line if you get wordwrapped.


If in download.txt you already have a 2799 use a number you haven't used (next one in order if you've several lines), BUT remember it, that's the index point, so to speak.


Now get toolbar.dat from the same directory and insert this line :-


   2799  !gaia2.bmp        GAIA dr 2 data from Vizier


changing yer number of 2799 to whatever you've used if relevant.


At top of toolbar.dat is a number which logs the number of lines.  If you add the above line you'll have to make that number bigger by one.  I personally replace one with a hash in front (ie, not used), such as GSC2.3, so don't have to mess with the number.


Save toolbar.dat in guide directory checking you ain't cocked up the extensions and it's still a text file.


I'll attach a homemade gaia2.bmp for ease (I usually just copy one of the toolbar buttons, all bmp files in the guide directory, and pixel edit it and save under a new name) and put that IN the guide directory.


DON'T BE DAFT WITH VIEWING SIZE if you're area is much larger than a degree you're going to download tons of data, gaia dr2 is BIG and dense at small scales, I download on screens less than a degree across often, but up to 2 degrees might be okay.


Run Guide, you'll have a new button. Press it and you'll get gaia data.  You won't be able to see it though coz no tdf yet.


That's below, and you'll have to watch wordwrap.  It reads the specially selected subset of fields that gaia dr2 is worth.  There's barely a dozen things worth knowing from gaia, and positional errors aren't need, they're way, way below anything any amateur or professional can hope for no matter what games they play with their ccd and software to so many decimal places.  So no real need for them.  Yet the gaia data is nearly 1000 characters long per entry, full of coefficients and errors that can make the data really, really immense, over half a terrabyte as flat ascii, whereas all you really need is less than a hundred characters per entry, and possibly not even that many (I'm beginning to feel RP and BP mags are somewhere between pointless and stupid, and G mag is going to be unique to gaia, not really equatable to V safely except for white stuff without any Halpha excess).  [There's a link out to a 3 arsec search in vizier for the full line of gaia data for the rabidly insistent on all data, 90% of whom won't understand what any of it is, they never read the docs for a start, else a recent "red dwarf" in a baavss wouldn't have been decided by using tycho parallaxes, one of the daftest things a long standing baavss member ever came up with that, fortunately next circular somebody with half a brain sorted the farce.  Embarrassing it was, else there was even asas3 lightcurve available revealing that it was semiregular variable for eff's sake.  They'd even published it as an lpv, he just didn't look past his nose.]


If there's data missing for a field More Info in guide doesn't show it, rather than showing zeroes or blanks, it don't mention it.


And that's that, remember tdf below is gonna wordwrap and must be saved to the guide directory else it won't work... ... only the web url wrapped here, so that starts with ~r  2   1 \n^GAIA dr2//xhttp: and ends with Find%%20Data^\n


file g2.dat

title GAIA dr2 from VizieR


RA H  5 10


de d 22 10

mag  73  8

photo B:82,6 V:73,6

~r  5  10 \nRA  2000  %s   Dec2000  %[22,10]\n\n

~b 73   8 Gmag  %s\n

~b 82   8 BPmag  %s\n

~b 91   8 RPmag  %s\n

~b 40  10 Plx  %s\n

~b 51  10 \npmRA  %s  mas/y\n

~b 62  10 pmDE  %s  mas/y\n

~b100   8 RadVel  %s\n

~r  2   1 \n^GAIA dr2//x[5,9]%%20%[22,9]&&-c.eq=J2000.0&-oc.form=deg&-c.r=0.05&-c.u=arcmin&-c.geom=r&-sort=_r&!-4c=Find%%20Data^\n


pref GAIA2

epoch 2000

type 6

field 0.00 5.00

mag lim 25

shown 5





From: []
Sent: 09 May 2018 18:31
Subject: [guide-user] GAIA Catalogue in Guide 9.1


Hello to you all!


Here we can download a shortened version of the GAIA Catalogue:


It contains only the ID, the position and the g-magnitudes but i think it could be useful to integrate this in Guide.

Has anyone an idea how to do it? Can anyone create a tdf-file for this?